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Acquapole® Boxing Basic Training Course


The Boxing Bag lesson plan, this maps out a sample program that any instructor can chose to use for their classes.

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The Boxing Bag accessory (which is added to the Acquapole® tool) was created after many requests from various clubs to have equipment that could also attract male users bringing the boxing’s element into the water.

The strength of this accessory is the possibility to have 2 completely different activities, not only for the different users, but also to target a diversified use of the tool.

It’s a fitness workout! The first benefit must be psychological wellness, which combines cardiovascular workouts with muscle toning.

You will learn

  • Equipment technical details
  • Boxing Positions
  • Class structure
  • You will be guided on how to structure a class and key elements of being a successful instructor


  • Acquapole Standard Pole and Boxing Bag equipment

Certificate and Credits

  • Technical Evaluation
  • Practical Evaluation – 15 minute lesson video format to be evaluated by a group of registered Acquapole® Master Trainers.
  • 4 CEU units provided by AEA, Australia Fitness

Acquapole® Disclaimer

Please take careful note that any course under the Acquapole® category must be executed on an Acquapole® branded equipment. Practical videos submitted for evaluation on any equipment that is NOT Acquapole® will automatically be rejected and considered a failed attempt. The name of Acquapole and all its similar variations- Acquapole, AcquaPole, Aqua Pole, Aquapole – are a trademark name and can only be used by certified instructors.


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