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Liquid Runsphere Training Course


By taking this course, you will learn, step by step, how to teach fun, engaging and safe aqua treadmill classes to users of all ages and level.
You will develop physical skills of strength, flexibility and endurance ;
so you will find theoretical and practical information to carry out each of the exercises

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    The Liquid Gym Runsphere is an innovative aquatic treadmill equipment that uses omnidirectional spheres on the platform making running in the water more active and exciting.  The vertical work in the water allows to perform movements and training that give a different impulse from the earthly activities, we are allowed to extend the activity to a different group of people,something that on the ground we are not allowed because of the loads at the joints, the presence of gravity force

You will learn

    • Logistic And Concepts

• Energy System

• Muscles Interested

• Hold And Posture

• Exercises

• Workout

• Lesson Plan

• How To Place The Runsphere Into Water


  • No pre-requisite or experience level
  • Aquatic treadmill

Certificate and Credits

  • Technical Evaluation


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